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The normally biennial conference draws together delegates from across the globe researching the processes of and phenomena associated with the erosion, transport, deposition and effects of windblown sediment and landforms on Earth and other planetary bodies. Recent past conferences have been held in Bordeaux (2018), Mildura (2016), and Lanzhou (2014).

Enabling aeolian and coastal geomorphology, planetary science, physical science, soil science, erosion, and engineering or their applications, and/or the contribution of these disciplines to society centered around the following sessions:

Aerodynamics and Sediment Transport

Convenors: Andreas Baas and Cheryl McKenna-Neuman

Anthropogenic Interactions

Convenors: Karin Ardon-Dryer, Daniel Tong, Jenny Hand

Coastal Environments

Convenors: Philip Schumtz and Alex Smith

Dunes and Bedforms

Convenors: Mathieu Lapotre and Joanna Nield


Convenors: Frank Eckardt and James King

Experiments and Instrumentation

Convenors: Christy Swann, Derek Jackson, Patrick O’Brien

Interactions with Vegetation

Convenors: Nick Webb, Greg Okin, Peter Tereszkiewicz

Modelling and Numerical Simulations

Convenors: Saroj Dhital, Kerstin Schepanski and Brandon Edwards


Convenors: Steve Wolfe and Xiaoping Yang


Convenors: Andrew Gunn and Jani Radebaugh

Special Session: Restoration and remediation

Convenors: Ian Walker, Mike Hilton, Teresa Konlechner

Special Instrument Demonstration Session on July 12 at White Sands & Jornada

Convenors: Ryan Ewing and Serina Dinega